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  1. LOL why?!?
    I love Nak..... she makes me laugh...haha Im actually suppose to be studying for I think I should go, i posted in the forums that I wouldnt be I can see someone pm'ing me saying WHY ARE YOU ON?!?!?!?

    so yeahhhh
    nice to meet you!
    We can chat when I am done studying
  2. Omg I've been back a day and I already wanna shoot Nak XDD

    Haaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii btw ^_^
  3. lol, yay! I was like hmmm who is this guy Nak is very excited about him being back....
    must know more about him! O_o
    lol XP

    haha so yeah Im Kenzie as you can see...nice to meet you Andy
  4. Hi I just accepted your invite =D

    Just letting you know so you don't stress over me XD
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