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  1. ah hey, are you there? :9
    haha i guess we'll have to do this another time then, we keep missing each other x'D
  2. oh sure (sorry for the slow reply there)
    i think i already have your fc from our battle before am i right? it won't let me check
    anyway, we'll see
    i'll hop on right now
  3. If you aren't busy I would be happy to trade you your psyduck now. I seemed to have just missed you the other times.
  4. would you like to pick up your psyduck in a few minutes?
  5. hey thanks for the battle
    and sorry 'bout the win/loss
    i accidently touched 'switch' so i basically didn't get any stats LOL
  6. alright
    just lemme register your FC and i'll meet you there
  7. yes I still need an IV battle thanks
  8. hey are you still looking for that IV battle?
    i can help you with that as i'm in need of one aswell
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