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  1. LOL yeah for sure =] I love it

    aw im sorry whats goin on? you wanna talk about it or not?
  2. Ahh high school. I remember those days. More so the girls haha but good times Things are very hetic at my end however v_v
  3. lost of stuff! homecoming is tomorrow night and tonight is a football game =]]

    oh the joys of high school
  4. Sweet. So what's up with you?
  5. haha sounds like a deal =]]
  6. Well what do you know. I love battling as well! You have to get wi-fi so we can brawl sometime
  7. I dont actually. haha if I did I would be a bit concerned besides, I have a boyfriend anyway =]] but yeah I love battling! I just dont have wi-fi at the moment
  8. lol no arguments there. I wouldn't be surprised if you got a lot of messages from the guys at pokefarm. Of course, that's not the sole reason I contacted you =P Sure! Can't have enough friends is what I say So are you into battling? Maybe we can even try out some teams or something
  9. hahaha thanks =] yeah its a keeper for sure.
    well nice to meet you!
    hopefully we can become friends or somethin =]
  10. Hey there. You don't know me and I only sorta know you so yeah I'm Paiopa lol. Nice pics in the picture gallery. I was particular fond of the chocolate pudding one =P
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