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  1. yo dawg!
    long time no talk!
  2. lol jk. Relax =P
  3. haha! well, if thats how you feel.
    *stomps out*
  4. -.- I hate those kind of people...I always have to struggle. *defriends you* lol jk.
  5. haha I could be better. Im super lazy so Im the student that the teachers hate cuz Im smart I just dont do anything. haha
  6. Wow that's awesome! Geez, I wish I was as smart as you o_O Talk about a nice deal.
  7. ha its chill. anything for pizza

    I got over 97% in the class and got A's on all the tests and turned in all the assignments.
    My teachers logic was that if I did all that, I know the material so why stress out with a Biology final??
    I was like YES!!
  8. lol ah well. Really? how'd you get exempt? Sorry I gotta run. I'm just going to head down to the store nearby and pick up a pizza. That always solves a hunger problem so I'll bbl to chat more
  9. well poop. Im sorry!!
    time management is NOT my specialty...haha so Im not much help at all, but you will be fine, I always am

    as for midterms, those just plain suck!
    haha I was exempt for finals last year
  10. Well, it's nothing climatic or serious. I just have a lot of things to do in a very short amount of time. Have a midterm on the 20th and the halloween tourny starts on the 21st lol. Talk about "perfect" timing. My team is almost complete but yea, still figuring what other pokes I might wanna use. This is so difficult I tell ya lol. And I have to worry about dinner for everyone >.<
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