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  1. Eh things are going up and down really, but I'm hanging in there. I haven't even touched my wii or ds in a long while now. How are you doing?
  2. Yeah but things have been busy in general also. You know how it is. Haha it's ok you don't have to admit how you really feel. I can sense it
  3. Haha well that's awesome! And I refuse to answer that.
  4. Yeah things have changed. And yep a gym leader. I bet that impresses you. I'll understand if you just want me even more now lol =p
  5. A lot has changed I see... gym leader now?
  6. Hmm nothing yet. Idk what I want actually. I'm just deciding. What about you?
  7. haha nice name for me!
    really? awesome! glad to hear it
    get anything good for Christmas?
  8. Same here K-babe! I'm having a blast in the latest tourney on pokefarm And just been havin a great holiday.
  9. pretty amazing! thanks for asking. you??
  10. Yeah for sure. How ya been?
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