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  1. I'm on route 35 just outside Goldenrod city. Lots of Nidoran and the occasional ditto in the grass. Still no luck with ditto. I will never take my ditto for granted again
  2. oh my gosh I think i'm so behind you!
  3. ooooooo totodile egg I almost caught a ditto last night but it eluded my attempt at capture. I love this game!
  4. I got me Soul Silver too! I started with my ol' standby Tododile, same goes if you need eggs! I always liked Cynda and Tododile but never Chikorita! Looks like a weird fat caterpillar
  5. ROFL delayed for sure I'm loving my Soul Silver! My starter is a cyndaquil. If you need an egg let me know and once I get the ability to make babies I'll send over an offspring. Take care. Cherise
  6. Wow! Delayed reaction I've been here and there
  7. Fantastic Kate. You have been missed Where ya been?
  8. Hey Cherise! How you doing?
  9. Hey Ms. Tot - It's great to see that you logged in Do so more often k
  10. Enjoy Platinum it's fun. Make sure to check out the wifi center with all of the mini games, too cute and very colorful Thanks for Ectosaw, he's flippin awesome!. Can't wait to train the ball of energy
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