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  1. Figured it out!!!!<3 lol, well I found out the "my pokemon" game, and its easy lol.
  2. Lol ^.^ Im level 12 on te other game. Really Easy to level up ^.^
  3. Haha well it's not too bad
  4. Im not even trying to lol
  5. Haha well I'm sure you'll figure it out soon!
  6. Yea, and this forum is kinda backwards. No idea how to play the games.
  7. Nice! Do you enjoy it? And there are a lot of helpful people here
  8. Ive been playing on it since before i made this forum account, ive been on for like 5days. Level 9, But ive met great people who helped me alot:P
  9. No I haven't because I was kinda inactive when it was introduced to the site, but it looks pretty interesting. Were you thinking of playing it?
  10. Thanks! Do you play the game at all? Meaning the one on
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