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  1. Those are really amazing! I think your poetry's improving. They're very...raw. So far the first one's stuck out to me the most. I hope you always continue to write. It's very cleansing to express your thoughts and emotions in such a beautiful way.

    Thats poetry from the last month, for the most part its all pretty good. Well decent atleast.
  3. Oh, that's nice! Have your writings been turning out well? Life's been alright for me...kind of stressful but not bad.
  4. Life is as good as it has ever been, i've been writing loads, hbu?
  5. Me either. Especially with school going so hardcore. So how's life?
  6. Sorry I'ts been so long getting back to you I haven't had much time to get on here
  7. Well it wasn't too bad bc I started young, but ooh cool! Bass sounds awesome
  8. haha piano is loads harder :] I tried playing bass for awhile but havent in a long time.
  9. I bet that's fun I've tried learning some modern songs on the piano but it's been a while since I've played and everything I pick ends up being so complex x.x
  10. I'm not to good and without vocals you cant even tell but for the most part anything, all music modern at least uses the same few chordsim not saying i can play anything good but i can play most things ^.^
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