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  1. No need to apologies!

    I was breeding for my next gym battle and I spotted you online.
    Waiting only gave me more time to hatch eggs.
  2. Oops. Admittedly I shouldn't have busied myself. My apologies twice over now. ^^"

    I'll make sure to make myself more available in your future farm events. Thank you for the Shellos. I do appreciate your work and your patience in dealing with me. xD
  3. And according to the PSS you're battling! :P
  4. Yes! Sorry for the late reply. Was watching Cracked. lol.
  5. Hey would you like to trade now?
  6. I'll be asleep soon (2am where I am). I'll catch ya another time.
  7. I am busy at the moment.

    I may be able to trade in a few hours.
  8. Would it be cool if I just grabbed Shellos from you now? I have your FC registered already. (Mine is 0877-1724-0771.)
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