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  1. Yeah, I've already bred my own Male/Female Water Absorb pair out of them. I'll send you back the original parents the next time I see you online. Once I'm done breeding Cacnea, I'll be hosting an event and distributing them. I'll make sure to put one on reserve for you, though I doubt Cacnea will be in that high of demand anyway. lol.
  2. I hope those cacnea help you out. When you get around to breeding them could I maybe have one?
  3. Nice! I have you registered. Hopefully we'll catch each other online. I'll be on quite a bit tomorrow.
  4. Okay I got you a male and female with water absorb. The female has superior potential with a 31 in sp d and the male has outstanding with 31 in HP. My code is 5000 2729 7650
  5. That'd be awesome! Thanks, man.

    My Code is 0877-1724-0771.
  6. Hey I saw you were talking about water absorb cacnea. I have a male I could lend you or breed your own if you want
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