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  1. lol you actually were the first to catch me offguard with leafeon! I never seen that set before! It was one of a battle ahah!
  2. Thanks for the battle! That was one unlucky Tangrowth! Knocking off Life Orb and the crit Fire Punch that followed was sure was lucky of me. lol.

    I'll definitely battle again. Just gotta move some of my team around too.
  3. oh so you are battling me?! you caught me so offguard this match and swept me. You're good. I'll rematch you again after your trade with a new team!
  4. Thanks. ^^
  5. kk. Coming now.
  6. Ahh I just woke up if you wish to trade now
  7. Hey. I'm online now and probably most of tomorrow.

    If you want to set a specific time, what Time Zone are you in?
  8. Whenever you are ready to trade, I will await your message to add you and trade
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