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  1. Back at'cha XD
    Thanks so much for the thingy =D
  2. Thanks,I hope you have a good day.
  3. Just a little shiney, it doesnt look good now but shiny flygon looks so good ^_^...well....different XD
  4. Meet me on wi-fi in a sec okies? =D
  5. It's 2707 0589 9839.

    That look like it took days thank you so much :O

    Can I have you friend code? I have a little present for you =D
  7. Thanks,heres your banner .
  8. Ohhhh sorry I'm a bit slow @____o

    Well at least thats what everyone else tells me

    Anywho I was looking in your art album and you're like amazing O_O
  9. I knew that,I wanted you to feel welcome because you came back!I'm a art person here!
  10. Feel welcome? O_____O
    I've been a member for months i jsut took a tiny little break in december lol

    But ty, you deserve a hug XD
    Il pay Nak to give you one <.<

    Anywho I supose it'd be either phanpy or aipom =D
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