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  1. Hey Whit! Hugs back to ya!!!
  2. HUGS!! It's NANA!!
  3. *waves*.....hellooooo........*waves*
  4. Yeah right I bet you were thinking the whole time...."Now how can I make this story work and make Nana cry at the same time?"
    It's awesome!
  5. I didnt mean to make you cry
  6. Well.....when you sent the message I was heading to a meeting I'm just chilling now. What about you? Messed up any recipes lately?
  7. whut u doin?
  8. Sounds good, I'll go get my kitchen cleaned then I should be done about the same time you get home, then when you are ready, just yell
  9. i'll be home in just over an hour - will be using my platinum FC. Yes, bring precious2, and we can get the trade done for that as well. I'll bring 4 junk pokes with me

    Thanks again!! I may be able to put together some kind of weird gym team now
  10. Hey, I do believe I have three little guys ready for you Let me know what fc to use, and when ever you are ready for them
    FYI.....I'll take precious2 with just in case
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