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  1. If opening your mouth gets you back in the game then start blabbing woman!!!

    Strike that! Just give me his email and I will set him up with the perfect Christmas list for you...I should know

    ...BTW your snorlax slipper you lost a while back is behind your dresser...don't ask me how I know that, just be thankful it can keep your foot warm again.
  2. Of course I've been good!.....haha Wayne asked me what I wanted for Christmas and trust me I thought about it, but I just kept my mouth shut (for once)
  3. Sounds like you need to ask santa for a 3ds and an X or Y game...have you been a good girl this year??? I sure hope so! I am in the works in dusting of your farm with an event soon! ^_^
  4. Of course I did to it've misplaced my ds and games so I've been in depression
  5. Well you weren't here to feed them and take care of them...WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?

    Finally came out of hiding? FBI well feed by your delicious treats while in under witness protection?

    I know it was you that convinced Momtaro, taterbud, belnumcree, and others to leave...hopefully you got them all new games for the holiday season and are are ready to rejoin us...COME TO THE DARK POKEMON SIDE!!!!
  6. You freed my oxen?
  7. Okay Nana you can come out of hiding...I promise I won't hurt you. Olly olly oxen free!!!
  8. lol the only trip I had was the one you gave me at the top of the stairs...half a year in intensive care and short term memory's as if I have become belnumcree...ugh old man syndrome...
  9. OMG! I think someone is posting for T4L! It can't be the real T4L, because I think he took a trip, hit his head, and forgot all about us!
  10. You must have caught a pokevirus or something

    ...but I appreciate your ill ridden words!
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