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  1. Alright I'll delete it.
  2. Remember that Youtube battle I did with you. I dont feel comfortable with it on Youtube anymore. Can you delete it?
  3. I just added that idk. Geez. And what do you mean E-M-P?
  4. yeah and it's E-M-P!not emp
  5. Yeah..but in the story does it have to say i'm the best trainer around...
  6. Oh ok. Thanks. I'll fix that. So yeah I made you part of my story if you want to check it out.
  7. On the discription it say's in the's Enth E nd or In the End Remix!
  8. Sorry. The video is being uploaded so I'm not changing anything now.

    HOPE U DIDNT DO THE VIDEO YET!If u can,replace Enth E nd with this,plz...if u cant just tell me!
  10. Nah not yet. Taking care of something else atm. I'll let you know when I'm done.
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