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  1. Alright dang vullaby/mandibuzz and sheer force tauros are the pokes I'm trying to find.
  2. Nah, sorry. I'm looking for one, as well.
  3. Hey there I was wondering if you had a vullaby/manibuzz I could use for breeding?
  4. If I remember correctly, it's only missing 31s in Attack and Special Defense. Enjoy
  5. Yep no problem and thanks for the togepi I needed that for the pokedex and now o have a new breeding project
  6. Okay, no problem. Thanks!
  7. Okay sorry it kept saying you were a passerby and that's why I cancelled
  8. Yeah
    10 char. limit reached!
  9. Are you linus
  10. Okay I just added you.
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