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  1. Thank you for the Ocean Vivillon, it's my favourite pattern!
  2. Yes, I will look for you on the pss
  3. Hi Deneves, how are you? I was wondering if you would still like to trade Vivillons? Sorry for the delay but I am still interested in trading if you are? I can pop online now if you want and trade? I have a spare Garden Pattern for you.

  4. Hello Deneves, thanks for your message on my profile! I would love to trade an Ocean Vivillon for one of my Garden Patterns, thank you! I have added you to my Nintendo 3DS with your friend code. My friend code is: 2079 - 7317 - 7507 and the name is Manda. Whenever we can trade is fine. Look forward to seeing you soon!
  5. Yes, I have Ocean Pattern for you. I'll be happy with a garden one from your game. I'm on Pacific time so I may not see you until Friday or Saturday. FC: 2466-2668-6626
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