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  1. I am sure Lavi would be very insulted. Maybe a Flareon, then? ;O

    And yes, that works fine for me.
  2. D'aw, that's so cute~ though Vulpix looks so girly. .___.; I wonder how Lavi would feel about that, bahaha.

    Also, thank you. x3; I'll be online later tonight and all day tomorrow, if that works for you. c:
  3. D: Thank you so much Bri! <3
    You are very nice.

    xD I find Vulpix a good one to name Lavi, as Vulpix has a little tuft of hair that kinda falls between it's eyes as Lavi does. And it's fur(hair) is red too~! ;o
    So you should name a Vulpix that too, unless you want to call Lavi something different. xD
  4. Just PM me when you'd like to pick up Allen. <3 He's all ready for ya~
  5. It's no problem, really. c: I have nothing better to do anyway, hahaha. -goes to breed!-

    I so need to name something Lavi, now. This is cracking me up. xD
  6. xD Hahaha. That is awesome! Now it's just a matter of who to infect~ :3
    (XD I love that comment. <3) I did not know it worked like that. Now it is just a matter of who I want to infect with it~

    D: Aww, you wouldn't mind? Are you sure?
  7. Just walk around with her in your party until you notice your other party members have started getting infected with it. x3; It might work better if you just keep one other poke in your party that you don't mind storing, like one that isn't a main member (and won't whine about being stored forever like Lavi, or like Kanda silently brood about not being liked as much). c:

    I can breed you a duskull. x3; Would you like one~?
  8. 8D Hey~! It could!
    *Goes off to try and find a Duskull* Thank you~!

    D: Oh geeze. I needa put her in my storage!
    How do I pass it on to others, if it isn't too much of a problem to ask?
  9. Bahaha, let's see~ Allen can be, um...OMG LOL DUSKNOIR. Because Allen's cursed eye matches that one's. 8D;;


    Um, I s'pose it can be considered rare, but once you have it it isn't really rare at all. xD Just FYI, though - that chinchou will be cured of Pokerus at midnight between now and Monday if you keep it in your party. If you stick it in storage, the Pokerus stays there until you withdraw it again, after which the whole three-days-and-midnight thing goes back into place. :3 Of course, you could always give it to another Pokemon and stick that in your box instead, just in case you'll want the virus in the future. n___n

    I hope that made sense. o___o;
  10. I love her. 8D They are so adorable! <3
    I have never had a Pokerus (?) pokemon before either. It is very rare, right? D:

    xD Yes! Haha. *Luvs D.Gray-Man* <3 D:
    I wanna try and match characters to Pokemon. I only have Lavi and Kanda. Allen is being difficult. D:
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