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  1. No complications were caused, no worries. *hugs* And the poem was good. n.n
  2. Ya, i'm sorry if it caused any complication though, plus I think I made the end of the poem lose its flavor a bit...
  3. Thanks SD, that's a nice poem. Didn't mean to have you feel down, it's just a difficult subject for discussion I guess and makes people feel uncomfortable. :/ But it'll be alright.
  4. *folds hands* Oh... Now i'm really feeling down, but we got your back, keep your head strait and spirit up high,

    "We got your back so no need to cry,
    We all had problem, and give off a sigh
    We just walk it off and let it pass by
    As we join together our lives stay strong
    So no matter what,together, we live up high"

    A little poem, to cheer us both up.
  5. No, it's not embarrassing... it's just he left me, and wants nothing to do with the baby or myself... so I dunno how lucky he really is...

    It's ok though, I have my family and my friends, so I'm not all alone.
  6. *smacks self* Ackk, i'm feeling stupid today! e.0

    Was that a little too embarrassing? 3:
  7. >.>


  8. *giggles* Lol sorry,I probably shocked you there for a moment sorry! xD

    So whos the lucky guy? I'm thinking hes wanting a son too I suppose. xD
  9. But yeah, I want a boy and am chanting for one too! XD
  10. Woah woah woah, ha ha, let's hold off on the "children" till I have the one child first! ha ha ha ha XD
    I got to figure out this one kid thing first! :P
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