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  1. Howdy SD! Could you do me a favor and go to! and Select a name that you think is best?
  2. Pokemaster! long time no see aye?
  3. I know,he has transformations,but I didn't made it yet.
  4. doesn't look like a pokemon.....
  5. Me,I just wish you can make this guy a pokemon in the game.
  6. o.o Well...Although I'm doing Legendaries, I'm debating to actually have them catchable or not...hmmmm....
  7. So you want a job working for me? o.o
  8. You can use these jirachi spirits:

    Pure jirachi

    Dark jirachi

    I bet you can find the origanal.
  9. Oh, Sure! ^^ I think I've ran out of Pokemon Ideas so...that would be very helpful o.o
  10. Can I help you with the pokemon spirits.
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