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  1. Neat; can't wait to see it. ^_^
  2. I sent the sprite to Buzz today, it came out better than I hoped. :P
  3. *poke* Buzz says you have until Sunday for your sprite.
  4. Coming out very slow, I never realized how much it took to make a sprite with *prime* detail. I am starting to believe it will take more than a day to complete it due to the continuous duties I have on my "To do" list. Sorry It might take longer than expected, maybe a few days tops but if I don't complete it it might mean that It didn't come out that I hoped or given up on it. But I won't give up yet, tell Buzz to continue with the project, I don't want to hold back on him. I'll get it done as soon as I can, you can count on it!
  5. How's your Eukoala sprite comin' along? ^_^
  6. Alright i'm done, came out pretty nice I do say so myself.
  7. Ok thanks, I couldn't have done this without you! ^_^
  8. No, it's fine; I'll post it later. ^_^
  9. Alright, thanks for the help, if you want me to include the inkscape tutorial too ask me ok but make it
    fast since i'm going to make the thread right now.
  10. I would, but I don't have Photoshop and don't use GIMP much at all. Maybe I'll write up an Inkscape tutorial some time.
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