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  1. Knock, knock!
  2. Okidokie! PM coming up!
  3. This belongs in PM.
  4. Did you like it? Do you think you can make a temp. private section so that the volunteers and I can discuss it easily, pretty please? I can PM you the list of people if you would. I plan to announce it on January.
  5. Yes I did read it.
  6. Hey Steve, did you see the other PM I sent you regarding a super fun project???
  7. You didn't reply.
  8. I'm assuming I won't be nominated to join that section because of "The Source's" "outstanding" speeches. >_> Can we go with plan B and open that other section we had in mind, Steve?

    You can tell I'm bored. =P
  10. Photobucket. xD
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