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  1. yeah not the greatest type coverage >.<, i'm thinking of replacing giga drain or energy ball with toxic or sludge bomb........i wish its defence was higher, at least then it could be a decent annoyance for battle tower.

    But i think if i was going for that kind of moveset Meganium would be better correct?
  2. that infernape and snorlax look beastly. you should have different moves on the venusaur tho
  3. really?! thanks, i wanna start challenging the gym's here but i still need to devise some strategies first.
  4. whoa! crazy stats on those pokes >.> you battle?
  5. alrighty then
  6. Hello revelp, i'm on wi-fi now so if your available to trade i can pick up the Buizel
  7. oops my bad
  8. im assuming you didn't read my post. i can't get to my pokemon diamond right now, technical difficulties
  9. Hello revelp8, i reserved a buizel from your farm, i'm on wi-fi now so is it cool if i can pick it up?
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