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  1. I've looked more into it and yes your answer is correct, however the tikka masala answer was incorrect.
  2. there is also the likelyhood that dates may be different. All of the articles I checked my info from are registered at 09
  3. well, I actually checked at least 3 other sites to confirm all of my answers, because if you check just one place, there is still the likelyhood that "THE MAN" is lying to you
  4. yeah when i was researching those i came across those answers aswell, but according to the general book of ignorance and wikipedia those answers are wrong.

    hmmm i should have counted for ambiguity in these questions lol
  5. I just sent a PM back telling you about where I got my answers just to clarify things
  6. dw thats okay
  7. sorry about that. I've just often seen when someone asks questions like this, they prefer a PM. I guess you put to post from the start. Sorry.
  8. ummm post them, i should edit it onto the first post
  9. for the quiz for darkrai thread, are answers supposed to be posted or PMd?
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