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  1. No problem. Going to add you now.
  2. Aw shucks, I have to update. Be there soon I hope :O
  3. Hi Krispy. I can trade now. We can trade the pokes from our events to make it quickly.
  4. Hello, are you available to trade?
  5. Noticed your inbox is full - wanted to apologize that I was not around yesterday; got caught up helping a friend move and it took longer than anticipated. I am largely available in the evenings, but if another time works better for you I will see if I can make something work.
  6. Thanks a bunch.
  7. Hi Krispy.

    I will let the Skarmory in the trade box for your Snover.
  8. I have a Snover up for trade in hopes of getting a Skarmory... would you want to trade for it?
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