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  1. That seemed to do it!
  2. I was able to do IV battles with a non-Pokefarm buddy last night. I haven't tried connecting today.
  3. *shakes fist*
    Let me see if I can connect with someone else first.
  4. It seems the powers that be do not want us battling this afternoon
  5. I'll try disconnecting and coming back in. Hrm.
  6. Having come communications issues?
  7. I'll be there as soon as I grab the rest of my team; good luck!
  8. Ready when you are
  9. So, tonight's probably not going to work for a battle, since I have studying to do, a trombone lesson, and Community Band rehearsal...however, I have half-days of school on Wednesday and Thursday and will be around most of both afternoons. Would either of those days work, or would you rather wait until our "regular" 2pm CST Saturday time?
  10. Sounds like a plan; enjoy your Thanksgiving. ^_^
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