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  1. Awesome! I was afraid I lost out... I'll talk to you if we're both online. Thanks!
  2. I still have that Delibird for you, anytime you can pick it up send me a PM if were both online and you can trade
  3. I don't suppose you still have my Shiny Delibird? S'okay if not.
  4. Hmm... You were on Wi-Fi, right? I never deleted your name from my Pal Pad, and I saw other people online... That's really weird, b/c I stayed on until about 8:45 eastern... Ah, well.
  5. Alright, I have to leave for the night, we can try again later! But no matter what I have one saved for you! Just PM me when you see me online and we'll get this done!
  6. I had a problem with this earlier, i'll try to reenter your info
  7. I have the right FC; waiting for you.
  8. Are you on Wi-Fi, or is it a different FC than the one I already have in from way back when?
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