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  1. OK; checking your FC.
  2. I'm logging off, but I'll wait in Wi-Fi until :30.
  3. I reentered your info, but I still cant see you I'll be on for a while too, hope to see you!
  4. *munch munch*

    I'll be logging off shortly, but I'll try to trade with you for a bit longer after that (prob. about until :30 after).
  5. Yeah, I have your number in my pal pad from a long time ago, my pal pad probably ate it
  6. I know you're in mine; it's still the same "God" FC, right?
  7. I am, i'll try reentering the info i have for you
  8. Are you still on?
  9. I will have it for as long as it takes
  10. Hi, Kate! Would you still happen to have my Shiny Delibird?
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