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  1. well of course u can only have 4 moves and missions will consist of probably wifi rescues and battling a certain person and ill add more stuff as i go on but at the moment i dont think move reqirments r necesarry
  2. i meant how many moves you can have, or restrictions on, nobody knows the moves for the new pokemon(tsutaja,pokabu,mijumaru,etcetera...)
  3. nope none im pretty sure pll will know what moves to use and not to use
  4. it does look a lot better now, thanks.any restrictions or requirements on moves?
  5. kk i added it XD thanxz
  6. alright thanxz i'll add that
  7. btw, as i had said you might want to say what the restrictions are, like if you can be legendary, or if you can instantly be an evolution of a pokemon, or if you can evolve in the story.
  8. oh ok well thanxz anyway
  9. well, i originally wasn't looking for any thing, i was just giving ideas that should help, from what iv'e seen of them.
  10. ok but yeah i made a sign up sheet can u tell me if that was what you were looking for? or if i need to add anything
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