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  1. Strangely, I find that sometimes it helps. Other times I just have to restart my router and cross my fingers.
  2. no matter what others say,I still plug the ds into the power adapter when going wifi
  3. I know the feeling. Enjoy the pika! Thanks for hanging in there and getting the trade done. For some reason wifi has been wonky for me today.
  4. lol I alway hold my breath when gone on wifi can be painfull some times thanks for the trade
  5. Great!
  6. yep ready to trade
  7. Okay, I can trade now. Are you able?
  8. I will be happy to as soon as I'm done trading with Gunshin.
  9. hi there iam online if ypu can trade
  10. I'm usually able to trade in the evening on weekdays. If you see me online in 10 to 12 hours then feel free to message me for a trade. If not then there is always this weekend.
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