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  1. hehe hi there sry been realy busy. Went from working no hours a week to working 40 hours a week *.* not much time left in the Day to do much. And it seems the the link for the forum had somhow gotten deleted, Only found it after i was tranfering IE favorites over to the new laptop.... as I said, havnt had tme to do much in the land on pokemon. been spending spending my days off wallking around Animal Crossing .City Folk . Yes there is a up side to working steady I can get some new toys although some nites Iam sore as H E doulble toothpicks. hehe Ill do my best try remember to drop by here from time to time to see how you young ones are doing .Hey just noticed that youive gottn a couple of badges nice going
  2. *kicks your Crawdaunt avatar*
    <_< >_>
    Where you be?
  3. sry but i have to go thanks again for the trades
  4. ya but if your still avvilable i've got a Poliwhirl ready
  5. Yeah, and...? Yours was a Poliwrath, wasn't it?
  6. thanks for the trades
  7. Poliwhirl → Politoed (if King's Rock is held)
  8. kk thank wasnt sure

  9. Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed, not Poliwrath. That's not going to evolve...
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