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  1. It keeps timing out on me. I have to do it in smaller batches.
  2. ...My credits are going even further negative than they were last night. lol
  3. I got rid of the forced "is" in front of status updates and finally removed the vBStatus template edits.
  4. I know, but I can't change them to 100 because my browser keeps crashing before it'll finish. :/
  5. Yeah, 100 means box.
  6. The Pokemon are boxed using the old format (with locations =/= 100).
  7. Can you remove the VBStatus stuff from the templates? I found a new mod that works with the others that does the same thing.
  8. What part is messed up on their Pokemon?
  9. No errors, though using Chrome's "Inspect element" Firebug-esque thing shows "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <" in myp/jquery.js:1.

    Can you fix the old boxing for me, lil_ash, and Tani? I boxed them before with the old method and whenever I try to fix 'em now, my slow internet takes too long for PHPMyAdmin and the page crashes. >:/
  10. Check out your "My Pokemon" page. Let me know if there are any errors.
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