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  1. I feel like I should always have an egg, otherwise I'm wasting steps!
  2. Sure hasn't...what a preposterous idea!
  3. You, mess up the forum? Why that has never happened before!
  4. Okey-doke; that's what I figured, but didn't want to try and mess it up, haha.
  5. Yes. Leave everything else alone. Both Pokemon must be boxed though.
  6. To trade Pokemon, do you just swap pppPLAYER?
  7. I can work on that next's exam week.
  8. Check the backend for VBActivity. We need better images
  9. What's the deal with the old man's lightbulb? Didn't we get rid of the points stuff?
  10. Something's weird with the Smoochum sprite, lol... *stares into its blank eyes*
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