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  1. I'm not sure where to add it or I'd do it, but you can't ask for the Gen. V starters on the egg trade system.
  2. Not sure how to do it with the current system, but if it were a custom profile field, maybe... hmmm I'll do some digging later.
  3. Any ideas on how we can easily add a members 'party pokemon' to show up in their post bit when they post with small icon pokemon?
  4. You gots a Squirtle? I haz a Blubasaur for tradz.
  5. Sounds good! Send me a message whenever you put up any Gen. V Pokemon so I can add their sprites to the database.
  6. Auto trade is up and working. Next step is not add confirmation PMs on trades and a special page to track what is currently on offer.
  7. Thank you! Now get back to work!!!!!
  8. Here's to a great year!
  9. Ugh; I can't do anything in PHPMyAdmin because it always times out before my slow internet can do anything... :P At least I'll be home tomorrow and then can do that, haha.
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