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  1. Thanks a lot! It's actually been kinda fun to play around with. ^_^ I still have a couple things planned to do (see here) and then I'll "reveal" it to the forum.
  2. You are doing an awesome job on the theme!
  3. Gah...would you happen to know why Chrome's making a whole bunch of images show up as the little broken thumbnail print? For example, the images next to Send Message and User Lists, as well as Joby's avatar over in your friend list aren't showing up for me, and I see it just fine in Firefox. Any help would be appreciated. ^_^
  4. *pokes before skedaddling away to Scouts* heh heh heh
  5. *logs off, leaving you all alone on PF*

    Have a good Friday!
  6. Good morning and happy Friday!
  7. With today being my 2-yr. anniversary on PF, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for the great work you've done to make this site what it is!
  8. Thanks a lot, Steve! ^_^
  9. Happy anniversary! *points at join date*
  10. Awesome! Thanks for the new tags, Steve! ^_^
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