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  1. Visiting Da Carnival after 3 years

    What can i say. It was kind of great and horrible at the same time. I had 20 tickets. I ride one coaster that almost made me puke. After i got of i just walking around and then girl ask me for a TICKET . How rude. I was walk passed her. I also met some of my friend there. Then i i just spend all my tickets one one ride. I jst chickened out by the others rides. It so dull and boring as usual. I can't i actually went there. I will never go back there again EVER! I walked home and my dad picked ...
  2. I almost sorta kinda beat Kurt in a battle :D

    I had my first pokemon battle today, on Shoddy, with Kurt. I did rather well too!

    It was neck and neck, down to the last pokemon when Kurt's agility rescued him. Otherwise, I would have won. His pokemon only had 4% health left.

    Too bad I still have to breed the pokemon, because it seems like a solid team. Oh well, I already have one down. Look out PokeFarm, I have plans!
  3. Today's blog?

    This is today's blog from down in the basement. I really have nothing to say but I just want to write right now. I have nothing to do today besides going on here. So thats all I have to say. So goodbye for now.

  4. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    As you may or may not know, we set out from Greece last Sunday, with Malta as our destination. Well, believe it or not, we ended up in Malta! Hehe, anyway, on the trip over, we had decided to try our fishing luck. We started out, and an hour or so later, we saw a big fish (probably 15 kg or so) launch out of the water pretty close to where our lure was. We were happy it didn't take our lure, as it would be hard to get aboard, considering the whole crew's lack of fishing experience.

  5. Good news and bad news or whatever lol

    Well the title does says all. The good news is my mom got me a very small ipod... but i'm ok with it...i guess.
    *post picture of ipod*

    Looks just like...the one from the bottom.

    I just wish i knew how to download some music . The other good news is ..well i'm going to a carnival this afternoon. I hevent been to a carnival since i was like...6 or 7? I don't know , been a very , very long ...