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  1. Pokefarm Awards

    *Falls over*

    OMG, I won or co-won seven different awards. I am completly speechless. O_O

    [B]Pokefarm Awards Winner: Best Fan Ficion[/B]
    LovelyStrife, “The Strife Diaries”; Trombones13, “Pokémon: Holy War” [tie]

    [B]Pokefarm Awards Winner: Best Farm Event[/B]
    LovelyStrife, “Strife Farms – Surfing Pikachu”

    [B]Pokefarm Awards Winner: Best Newbie[/B]

    [B]Pokefarm Awards Winner: Best Sub-Forum Farmer[/B] ...
  2. Liar

    Today was heartbreaking in so many ways.

    First off, Matte lied to me about getting the papers to the UPS store yesterday. He did it today. After noon. They won’t get here in time for the closing on Friday. So yeah… The house might not happen at all. I knew that something was wrong when the tracking number didn’t register any activity yesterday, but I went optimistic and trusted him. Why do I always trust him?

    So… Yeah… Work went by pretty quickly. ...
  3. the future

    Wow this future for me change my life around.

    i want to thank Hmtksteve for everything he done on pokefarm.

    I want Lovelystrife to always be there for me.

    i want to thank Nana nettie for helping me.

    Gunshin told me this place in the first place,so thanks,otherwise i wouldn't have so much friends.

    There is still lots of people who i want to thank.


    3rd quarter already can you believe it? ...
  4. Lets look at... Ditto!

    » » Ditto! ::

    » » Learned Attacks ::
    Transform: Normal, PP:10

    » » Type ::

    » » Evolution ::
    Does not evolve

    » » Status ::

    » » Weight: 8.8 lbs.
    » » Gender: Unknown
    » » Abilty: Limber
    » » Items: Quick Powder, Metal Powder

    Thats it for the Ditto report! Bye!


    Updated 01-29-2009 at 10:08 AM by becnoir

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  5. Is This The World We Created...?

    He did it! Matte came through for once and actually did what I needed when I needed it done. I knew he could, how wonderful. ^_^

    We scheduled things for Friday and all signs point to go. I am so very happy! There has been so much drama and issues with getting things to this point, but I can really see the end of the tunnel. Just like when we gave our offer, things are coming together at the last possible minute. I’m happy as a Clampearl!

    I celebrated by going ...