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  1. Darkrai Mystery Gift Event

    I'm just posting here to remind you all about the Platinum wifi mystery gift that starts today. If you get it, you can go catch darkrai, or defeat him thousands of times... :lol:

    Also, just want to let everyone know that today is Nutty the squirrel's birthday today...he is 7
    [IMG][/IMG] and my computer and those pokemon trading figure game things :p

    Happy Birthday Nutty! *hugs*

    Updated 08-04-2009 at 07:35 AM by pikaluva13

  2. Another haircut ^_^!!!!.....from my mom o_0?!

    1 day ago my mom said she has a friend who can cut my hair for me. I said, my hair looks just fine. But then right before i took a shower my mom said " yous getting a haircut..from me". I felt scared,weird. I mean this is my mom. Usually my dad gives me haircut. But mom o_0? After i took a shower. I looked at my hair and said " this is so ugly. Its..its....stupid.". my mom yelled at my dad. At least i got supplies for school that cheered me a little...I guess. Mom kept sayign ...
  3. Guess What?

    I now have a blog!
    ...this seems all too familiar...

    Insert stuff that people usually do in there first blog:

  4. Funny Skype Conversation 1

    [11:29:42 AM] Me: know the movie "another cinderella story"?
    [11:29:48 AM] Kurt: XD
    [11:30:21 AM] Whitdjinn: i actually do, i'm ashamed to say, adam
    [11:30:24 AM] Me: lol
    [11:30:31 AM] Kurt: LOL
    [11:30:38 AM] Me: well um...he's like ten years older than her...and her b-day was last
    [11:30:38 AM] Whitdjinn: the woman DVR'd it for the kid, so i've seen it a couple times :P
    [11:30:41 AM] Me: XD
    [11:30:49 AM] ...
  5. Dynamic Duo - Protecting Thy Self From One's Enemy! And...Commrade?

    Welcome back to issue #3 of Dynamic Duo - The Art of Double Battling. This one will be a fairly short issue but an important one nonetheless. We're going to discuss the use of a helpful move called Protect (also the same as detect). This move protects yourself from being hit by any attacks and has a 50% chance of activating the second time you use it again right away. If your opponent switches out and you use protect it will fail automatically. However, you will be able to use it again when your ...

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