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  1. Competitive Discussion: Bisharp


    Dark/Steel Tier: OU
    If Bisharp's stats are lowered by an opponent's stat modifier, raises Bisharp's Attack by two stages afterward.
    Inner Focus
    Bisharp will not Flinch, except if hit while using Focus Punch.
    Each of your opponent's attacks consume one additional PP when used.

    HP: 65
    Attack: 125 ...

    Updated 07-23-2011 at 07:37 PM by MissingNo.

    Competitive Discussion
  2. Competitive Discussion: Escavalier


    Bug/Steel Tier: UU
    While Escavalier's HP is 1/3 or less, its Bug Type Attacks' Power is multiplied by 1.5.
    Shell Armor
    Escavalier is protected from Critical Hits.
    Residual damage from Sandstorm and Hail is negated.

    HP: 70
    Attack: 135
    Defense: 105
    Special Attack: ...
  3. Competitive Discussion: Excadrill


    Ground/Steel Tier: OU
    Sand Rush
    Excadrill's Base Speed is doubled while in a Sand Storm.
    Sand Force
    The Power of Rock, Steel, and Ground Type Attacks used by Excadrill is increased by 30% during a Sandstorm.
    Mold Breaker
    Blocks the Ability of the opposing Pokemon if it has any effect on the Attack used by Excadrill.

    HP: 110
    Attack: 135
    Defense: ...

    Updated 08-08-2011 at 12:03 PM by MissingNo.

    Competitive Discussion
  4. Competitive Discussion: Archeops


    Rock/Flying Tier: BL
    When Archeops's remaining HP is 50% or less, Archeops's Attack and Sp. Atk are halved.

    HP: 75
    Attack: 140
    Defense: 65
    Special Attack: 112
    Special Defense: 65
    Speed: 110

    BL? BL?! How can something so monstrous as Archeops dare be designated to BL? This seemingly ridiculous mix-attacker has ...

    Updated 07-16-2011 at 02:50 PM by MissingNo.

    Competitive Discussion
  5. Congratulations, Brock likes you.

    by , 07-04-2011 at 11:45 AM (Lumps and Bumps in Stickytape Rolls)
    This means that you are female, and not Jessie.

    Over the past few weeks or so, my sister has been lending me season after season of the Pokemon anime.
    Currently I'm up to box #4 (mid-Johto)

    While I think about such things as why Team Rocket would be more scary if they didn't show up (and fail) so often, a thought stirs.

    Is it really such a compliment if Brock likes a girl?
    I don't think it is.
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