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  1. Search for ... Shiny Fish, Route 3

    Route 3 is the first fishing spot in Pokemon X & Y. This is the only place to fish if you are looking for Corphish and Crawdaunt. As in all fishing spots only one fish is available if using an Old Rod and two if using a Good Rod (except Rte 21). Most spots have three when using a Super Rod with the third being pretty rare. I would guess one in 20. While this may not seem ...
  2. Search for... Shiny Fish. A Chain Fishing Guide.

    First you need a [B]fishing pole[/B]. There are three in these games and Old Rod that you can get in Ambrette Town at the Aquarium, a Good Rod that you you can receive in Courmarine City and a Super Rod that you receive in the Fishing Shack on Route 16. Each of these rods catch different fish at different levels depending on where you use them.

    The next thing you will need is a pokemon with [B]Sticky Hold[/B] or [B]Suction Cup[/B] ability. In the overworld these pokemon abilities ...

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