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  1. Interesting Day....

    It's been an interesting day. I actually got some sleep last night but I didn't want to wake up this morning. But I did anyways and drug myself into work. Most of the day I didn't have any sense of time, which is annoying. One minute it's 10 a.m. and the next it's 2 p.m. and I have to take lunch because I've forgotten all about that. But during lunch I did post [URL=""]an album[/URL] of pictures of my hoglet, Sonic.

    [IMG][/IMG] ...
  2. It's a Monday...

    Well, after fighting with my paypal account (it didn't want to change e-mail addresses for some obscure reason) I finally was able to support pokefarm and gain the blog feature. Yay! I figure that since I spend an unhealthy amount of time around here that I'd better do some supporting. :-D

    So this is the first time I've done this blog thing. Somebody I once loved said that bloggers were the lowest form of life, but I happen to know that I am a higher form of life than Cardassians. ...

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  3. Support Pokefarm

    So anyways, yeah, if you help support Pokefarm you will get the option of using this "Blog" thingy-ma-bobber and a couple of other nifty things too! For all Pokefarm has done for us, subscribing is hardly anything in comparison and I'm only happy to do so for this place. :)

    Oh, and I'm not much for blogging, so ha ha, mine... if I actually do any, will be random and will most likely make no sense... just a forewarning. :wink:
  4. We now have blogs

    Today I renewed the forum software for another year. Yes, we have been running this version of the forums for almost a year now and it was time to renew.

    While renewing the software I took a look at the blogging add-on. Sadly the blogging add-on is not exactly cheap and it costs more than renewing just the forum software.

    Because the forum has been growing so well I decided that adding blogs may be a good thing.
    At this time only administrators have blog rights but ...