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  1. Kristen Stewart~Isabella Swan

    [COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="2"][CENTER][B][U]Kristen Stewart~Isabella Swan[/U][/B][/CENTER]

    Personally, I think this is one of the worst casting choices they could’ve made. The worst would’ve been Vanessa Hudgens or some other Disney Star. *shudders* She is an extremely average actor. She is always very serious in the wrong scenes, and smiling in the others.

    Here is a little bio/info.

    [CENTER][IMG][/IMG][/CENTER] ...

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  2. Where, oh where, has Kurt's Platinum gone?

    Despite the joyful rhyme, I'm not particularly happy right now. It seems I can't locate my Platinum cartridge. TT3TT The last thing I remember doing it is putting it in a cinch bag-thing on Easter Sunday to take to Grandma's...but then I didn't take it, and took the stuff back out. I thought it was on my desk, isn't. I've looked around the desk, in the drawers, under the bed, in the bag, between the pages of my guide books and notebooks, on my shelf... TT3TT What to do...? If anyone ...
  3. 1 Down 10 To Go!

    Well I have gotten a back up of pokemon to breed O.O Well I have EV trained one but theres still 10 to go, fun fun.
  4. P.B. without the J.

    the joys of being an IV breeder.
    how i've missed it so
    I had been to busy with a flood of hours at work
    so I ask the Almighty to grant me a few hours of spare time to at least get the parent's IVs in order
    I find myself with all this free time!

    *does cabbage patch*

    and what am I to do...?
    *music plays up*

    "I'm gonna breed pokes after aaaaall!!!" ...
  5. Toaster EPIC FAIL!

    Okay, have you ever wanted to see what happens if you put a piece of bread in the toaster as long as the timer will allow? Well, probably. When it comes out, it comes out really dark, right? Yes. Have you ever put that piece of toast in the toaster again as long as it can go again? probably not. When it comes out, it comes out mostly black. Right? Right. Have you ever put that piece of black toast in again? I did. What color does it come out when it's done? I have no idea because half way through

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