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  1. We now have blogs

    Today I renewed the forum software for another year. Yes, we have been running this version of the forums for almost a year now and it was time to renew.

    While renewing the software I took a look at the blogging add-on. Sadly the blogging add-on is not exactly cheap and it costs more than renewing just the forum software.

    Because the forum has been growing so well I decided that adding blogs may be a good thing.
    At this time only administrators have blog rights but ...
  2. The State of the Farm

    I would like to begin this post by personally thanking the following members:


    All of these members have chosen to become PokeFarm Supporters. The funds raised by these members have repaid the cost of keeping the forum software current and adding the blog feature. You folks have my sincerest thanks!

    Advertising revenue from the site is still sufficient ...
  3. The Clone Wars

    This weekend's movie was chosen by the flip of a coin. Well, I lost the roll and a quarter (again...).

    I’ll make this short:

    Spoilers Alert: No Spoilers.

    Star Wars The Clone Wars was the main feature. Pretty good actually. I personally think it had more action than all 6 films combined.

    The whole animated thing felt kind of childish, but good nonetheless. Made it look fresh, What’s up with Obi-Wan’s beard?

    I like how this ...

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  4. Rants and Raves 8-17-08

    After reading all about blogging and reading a few blogs from a LOT of sites, I have decided to make my own BLOG. Mine will be a little different from blogs I have been reading though. I will not bore you with the mundane intimacies and details of my daily life, but instead I have decided to Rant and Rave. While I will try and update regularly, I do have a RL! The rules I have set for myself here are this.
    1. Comments must be fairly current
    2. For every Rant, there must be ...
  5. it's true!

    Anyways, so I was talking to a friend, and here's our conversation:

    Tom: "so what are you doing?"

    Me: "nothing, why?"

    Tom: "oh"

    Me: "well, not nothing, I think it'd be impossible for nothing... I mean, even if I were to do absolutely nothing, I'd still be doing something, because the act of doing nothing would be considered a something..."

    Tom: "that's true, and if you were ...

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