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  1. Valentines Day Momtaro Style

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    A happy relationship between two people happens when two people fall in like, and then love. The relationship grows if the two people have common interests, hobbies, dreams and goals. You are maintain your individuality, but the other person makes you feel complete. The other person forgives you your faults, while bringing out the best in you. You experience turmoil together and instead of it breaking you apart, it only makes the bond ...
  2. Momtaros Rants and Raves~ January 26 2009

    I have the day after the Superbowl Blues! Not only did my team not win, but I have a cold, so I really couldn't taste the guacomole and yelling when the Cards were ahead in the game made my voice crackle. And whenever I hear that "number two" is not all that bad, it makes me think of what they say in Italy about the horserace called "Il Palio." Number two is the absolute worst place to be in. Better to be last. Number two means that you were just >that< close to being ...
  3. Momtaros Rants and Raves January 9, 2009

    January seems to me to be the perfect month to rant about. It's cold, Christmas is over and there's not a real family get-together kind of holiday until Easter! The days are short and dark.
    I suppose that if I did not have the luxury of being where I get to experience all the four seasons, I would not appreciate Spring as much as I do!


    Rant~After an unusually long and hard snowstorm starting December 16 and ...
  4. Merry Christmas Humming-Blog part 2

    Well, great news! After a lot of research and talking to my friend who runs the local wild bird hospital/shelter, I have come up with an ingenious warming station for Dodo-head. What I do not understand is since the temps here have dipped below 10 degrees farenheit,(really unusual for us) how can such a tiny bird survive through the night? According to my research, Annas hummingbirds are resident throughout the year here in the Pacific Northwest, and do manage to find themselves insects to survive ...
  5. Merry Christmas Little Hummingbird!

    I never have hummingbirds in the winter. My in-laws keep a feeder going all winter long and say that they have a whole flock of them year 'round. I usually take my feeders in and store them until the first of March. When the first hummer arrives, it is a sign that spring has arrived!

    This year I left out one feeder because I keep seeing one lone hummingbird sitting on it everyday. Is it lost? Is it too old to migrate?I have named it "Dodo-head."

    We are having ...
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