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The world of Vowl

I bet you can guess who this is about. Come here to find out about english life, reviews on things i know and others

  1. Today

    Today im happy. So to start off we did a fun walk for two hours missing two school lessons. I went with my friend. I fell down a hole lol. Annoying friend trips me down a hole. Lol. So then we got back to lessons. Sadly i had a test on the final lesson of the day. So after school i came home and continued work on my project. Im making my own lightsaber handles. Not much can be said yet though. Sadly my triops died. But for a good thing i managed to find contact details of an old friend of mine. ...
    The life of vowl
  2. Oh happy day

    Only a quick one now
    I found my pokemon pearl and diamond only my other pearl left to find. Now i can get back to training pokemon. Anyway thats it now
  3. Star wars the force unleashed

    Ok so this game had to be reviewed

    The game has actually got a good story. You were on kashyyk when darth vader and the imperials attack. Darth vader fights your father and beats him and then he sees you. The clones aim their guns at you but darth vader kills them. He takes you back to his ship. Then years later he has a chat to you telling you you need to train to kill. You go to a few planets but there is one place you keep going to which is he jedi ...

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  4. Today a very busy day

    So i go todaye to school yippee. Nothing important today again. Hopefully i will do a review in a minute. I would like to say Congratulations to:
    Nana nettie, you are a very deserving person to be a moderator and i hope you enjoy your time as one
    Nikola tesla, It is good to see you get the powers you deserve. Im glad youre an admin because everyone can trust you.
    Slizer107, You have shown true skill as a writer and youre pokefarm musical is amazing.
    Update on my triops ...
    The life of vowl
  5. Yawn my life

    So today i went to school
    Yippee. So school was normal, boring. I went to the computer room at lunch. So i have msn and i was talking to my friends for ages. especially with webcam. Lol. So i came home. First thing i do is i go on pokefarm. I cehcked the new threads. I was quite happy today because i looked in my jar and my triops were hatched. They were little shrim[ kind of creatures as old as t rexs. Whats the worst thing i could do. Yes you guessed it, I overfed them. But today thats ...
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