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  1. Deneves's Avatar
    Catching a shiny breaks the chain. Catching any other pokemon that you caught does not break the chain
  2. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    What about catching the pokemon? Does your chain break after that?

    In my party I have a Gallade that knows Hypnosis, False Swipe, Dream Eater and Mean Look btw X3
  3. lamb101's Avatar
    Wow, I like the green wings too!
  4. Vott's Avatar
    I've been trying to chain Evee, but had no luck thanks to the Trophy Garden and its trickiness.
  5. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    That sound complicated, but the shiny looks worth it. Thanks!
  6. Deneves's Avatar
    Once you hit 22 your odds of finding a shiny double from the normal 1in 8192. They slowly climb until the mid 30's then the odds increase greatly. When a chain reaching 40 the odds of finding a shiny are twice that of a chain of 39.
  7. Frawg's Avatar
    You know the one time I succesfully chained a shiny I only raised the chain to 24 . . . but I guess I was only really going for 1 shiny.
  8. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Why have you posted that in every single blog article you can find?
  9. Pure Legend's Avatar
    Peter Piper picked a pear of pickles eating his curds and ways. Along came Sally, who picked up sea shells, but didn't know what to do with them. Do you know what to do with them?
    Best Regards
  10. PokeAce's Avatar
    Awsome can't wait to try
  11. Frawg's Avatar
    I like these blogs. I wanna try chaining again, but I've only ever been able to chain one pokemon successfully.
  12. Pokemancer's Avatar
    Great thoughts! I'll have to have another go at some chaining! I do LOVE the green wings!
  13. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    This was really useful! Thanks a million Deneves!
  14. PokeAce's Avatar
    Cool thanks for the info i've al ways wanted a shiny aron!
  15. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Aww yes! This one is awesome! Do u think there's a possibility in short chains for shiny beautiflys being better than long ones,coz I just found one on my sixth shake/ check whatever!
  16. Deneves's Avatar
    If you want a quick lesson on beginning chaining check out my Stary Blog
  17. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Ooo! Epic! I was just thinking about going back into chaining ( I've never actually tried it) and then I find this!
  18. Cherkat's Avatar
    Its' great that you are blogging about chaining pokemon again. I might revisit Platinum for this one. Little shiny aron are so cute. I hate evolving them into Aggron. I like to keep
    them as shiny pets
  19. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Just wanted to add a little something here:

    I've successfully chained snovers in Route 216 on Diamond - the grass patch near the rest-house (I'm pretty sure that's where delibirds swarm too)

    The snover in that area are not at as high levels as the ones you're talking about, Dennis - they don't have wood hammer at that point hehe - and I even managed to catch some of mine in Dive Balls (get those from the Newspaper guy in Solaceon).

    My strategy, I believe, was to change the DS to it's brightest setting, and change the DS clock to a time in the afternoon, for better visibility.

    The area is a little misty, and for me it was easier to recognize the regular-shaking grass than the bright-shaking grass; but the 'shiny patch' was very distinctive. I am certain that if you are chaining in that area on D/P at least, you will recognize the patch when you see it.

    However... I *still* can't successfully chain in either sandstorm or rainy conditions - the former I've tried but the latter I haven't yet.

    ~Tani, who is still trying to get the national dex in Plat so she can try Plat chaining for herself~
  20. NikolaTesla's Avatar
    I really have to commend your knack for hunting shinies. Makes me jealous.
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