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Weekend Update

  1. Resident Evil 5

    Rating: M For Mature. Yep, keep your kiddies away from this one. Extremely gory and language.
    Platform: PS3 and Xbox 360. Reviewed on 360.
    Spoilers: No story spoilers, but some gameplay tips.

    An elite UN Antiterrorist Unit that fights the illicit trade of biological weapons (and more specifically, bio-organic weapons) are deployed to a desolate area in West Africa tasked with stopping a deal that is about to happen. Special Agent Chris Redfield and ...

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  2. Mar. 16 Update

    Finally, Im done with my project and now I can take some time for more important things. Like playing video games. :lol: I finished a couple of games, Im posting the one that was supposed to be done a week ago. Yeah, shame on me for not playing enough video games.
    Im also finishing my review on Halo Wars, and a couple of movies. I would like to thank my Assistant Tester, Misa Misa as well.
    If you want something reviewed, shoot me a PM.
  3. The Day the Earth Stood Still

    Spoilers: Minimum.

    Parental Advisory: Rated PG13, just some destruction scenes, some people dieing.

    As an unknown object rapidly approaches Earth in a collision pattern., scientists and specialists are gathered by the government to deal with the aftermath of what is expected to be a catastrophic event in Manhattan.
    Instead, a spherical ship lands in the middle of Central Park. An alien comes out of the ship and in the confusion he/it gets shot. ...
  4. Dec. 14 Update

    Brief update here. I'm currently finishing my write up on "The Day the Earth Stood Still", I should have it ready for tomorrow.

    I played a few games for the 360: Mirror's Edge, Gears Of War 2, Left 4 Dead, CoD:WaW, and Need For Speed: Undercover. I'm not sure if anybody wants a review on any of those...

    I'm exited for a few movies that are coming out. "Terminator: Salvation" looks pretty neat. And "X Men: Wolverine Chronicles" looks good ...
  5. Wii Music

    As suggested by well, pretty much everybody that reads this blog.

    Rating: E for Everybody.
    Platform: Wii
    Spoilers: No.

    Use your Wiimote to play any and all instruments that you can think of, and more.

    I slid the game in thinking I was about to play some cutesy Guitar Hero Wii remake, Im glad I was wrong. The cutesy part is still there, but its a somewhat pretty deep game. Youll get the controls down ...

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