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  1. Pro and Con Segment 2

    Tube socks: Things that warm your legs, or things that cut off your circulation and make you lose your legs!?
    Find out in segment two of Pro and Con!

    - You can fold them over and they'll look like normal socks, but with more layers of heat
    - One sock fits all
    - They cover up some of your legs
    - Come in many fashionable colors
    - They can be customized to support your sports team

    - They look weird ...

    Updated 11-27-2009 at 09:10 PM by pikaluva13

  2. Thanksgiving


    (Done by torchicflame on Serebii Forums)
  3. Comparing Stuff Segment 1

    So I know most of the people here have heard of the devil. But have you heard of the Superdevil!? Find out here, on this episode of COMPARING STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [url][/url] i didn't feel like comparing them...but i let my friend Dallas Houston take it over. :p
  4. Pro and Con Segment 1

    Skirts: We all now they are fashionable, but are they also a hazard to your health!? Find out, in this edition of Pro and Con.

    - That breezy feeling some people get
    - A sense of freedom
    - Can divert some attention from the posterior region
    - Gives the triangular figure some women enjoy having
    - No "plumber's butt"
    - More forgiving if you gain some pounds
    - Fun to twirl (i guess, i don't know personally xD)

  5. DSi Skin

    Well i got me a DSi skin...for my DSi obviously :p

    looks like
    except mine's a black DSi haha....yeah...good times :p *walks away slowly*
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