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  1. Competitive Discussion: Whimsicott


    Grass Tier: OU
    Whimsicott strikes before other Pokemon if it is using a non-damaging attack. (Priority still applies, so it doesn't get to use attacks with a lower priority first.)
    Whimsicott's attacks ignore Reflect, Light Screen, and Safeguard.
    As long as the weather is Sunny, Whimsicott's base ...

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    Competitive Discussion
  2. Competitive Discussion: Hydreigon

    A new blog series where you, most awesome PF member, get to discuss the future of competitive battling. Post below your responses to my listed opinions, and follow with your own opinions on the possibilities of the Pokemon in question.


    Dark/Dragon Tier: OU
    Hydreigon is immune to Ground-type moves. This Ability is disabled during the effects of ...

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    Competitive Discussion
  3. Destiny's Child

    Pay those bills, Jesse....
    Can't, do it...
  4. Dear Nintendo

    I am an adult consumer. I am a game lover. I am a Pokemon addict. I am not a fanboy, loyalist, or crazed idiot who will follow any trend. I am writing you today to inform you that I, representing many of your level-headed customers, am fed up with your inability to stay current in today's gaming world. I'm tired of the gimmicks. I'm tired of your company basing quality off of your insane sales figures. I'm tired of the low-end garbage you're feeding to your loyal fans in order to suck more ...

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    Gerard Butler who?
  5. Pokemon Mall Tour 2011 - Indianapolis, Indiana

    As you're all fairly aware of by now, Taterbud and I traveled to Indianapolis this past weekend to check out the Mall Tour at Castleton Mall. Here's a video and some images to show our adventure. Also if you ever find your way to Indy, check out The Palomino downtown for an awesome experience. But be prepared to hand over your wallet after dinner.

    A Farm of Pokers
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