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  1. lamb101's Avatar
    That lounge looks pretty nice...
  2. Deneves's Avatar
    Excadrill is also one of the better users of the Air Balloon. Every team in OU generally has an pokemon with Earthquake and it lessens on of its weaknesses
  3. Frawg's Avatar
    Ok, that's what I thought. But for some reason it can still hurt itself in confusion. I believe it's because that is technically an attack and the damage occurs during the battle phase.
  4. Deneves's Avatar
    It loses no HP from Leech Seed.
  5. Frawg's Avatar
    It should be noted that magic guard does not negate damage from confusion, also, I can't remember exactly how it is affected by leech seed. I think leech seed is negated.
  6. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    I'd personally want to replace Psyshock with Toxic for stall. And definitely have a more defense oriented EV spread with a Sassy nature.
  7. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Oops, disregard the EVs in the last post. 252/160/16 is more like it, keeping the 80 SpA EVs intact. Also, Calm would be a better nature option (boosting the higher stat with the nature is always best when not maxing a stat).
  8. Bobreeder's Avatar
    How did you come up with the defensive EVs? Using this app it seems 196/56/4 gives the best overall defensive ability. The app is pretty accurate for Reuniclus, as there's no indirect damage to be afraid of. The rest of the set looks good, and I wouldn't mind having one in my TR toolbox for the all-important support role
  9. Ryan493's Avatar
    Defensive Trick Room
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Trick Room
    Focus Blast
    Held Item: Life Orb
    Nature: Bold (-Attack, +Defense)
    EVs: 55/0/190/80/190/0

    Reuniclus can take a few hits. Set up Trick Room and it outspeeds almost anything while the move is in effect. With Magic Guard protecting it from all pain aside from direct attacks, it can last even longer. When Reuniclus holds a Life Orb while having this ability, its attack power is raised without the drawback of damaging itself in the process. Add a few EVs for SP. Attack along with Psyshock and Focus Blast for coverage and you have a wall. If Reuniclus' health lowers enough, Recover has that covered.
  10. Bobreeder's Avatar
    While I'm a big fan of the TR sweeper, it requires the team to be TR-centric. Here's a Reuniclus that can be used on more teams:
    Calm Mind Sweeper
    Magic Guard
    Calm Mind
    Psyshock (/Psychic)
    Focus Blast
    Held Item: Life Orb
    Nature: Modest -Attack +Special Attack (alternatively Bold -Attack +Defense)
    EVs: 192/0/64/252/0/0 (alternatively put a little speed, but it won't really outspeed much anyway)

    Rarely has there been a better CM user around. Magic Guard is among the best abilities in the game, and Reuniclus has high enough defenses to use it magnificently. Recover only sweetens the deal. After a few CMs, you KO pokes left and right. Psychic/Fighting has awesome coverage, so few things can come in unscathed. The main problem Pokemon, like Tyranitar and Scizor, should be taken down by others in the team before Reuniclus goes on a rampage.
  11. Darkrai13's Avatar
    Just you wait Excadrill! When sandslash's DW ability is released you won't stand a chance!
  12. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    No it wouldn't. Substitute and weakness to SR would immediately make Archeops useless. Defeatist ranks up there with Slow Start as worst possible Ability ever.
  13. Frawg's Avatar
    Would substitute be viable? If you expected a switch you could set up a sub, and after that you'd have two free moves to slam your opponent. A sitrus berry would also prolong and archeops' reign of terror.
  14. Frawg's Avatar
    I run a sand rush sweeper.
    Rapid Spin
    Rock Slide
    Swords Dance
    It's really unapposed
  15. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Ability: Sand Rush / Sand Force
    Rock Slide
    Held Item: Choice Band
    Nature: Adamant +Attack -Special Attack
    EVs: 4/252/0/0/0/252

    Is explanation necessary? Get in and KO stuff. With Sand Rush it's like the SDer without ability to change moves, while with Sand Force it can take out most counters on the switch. The given moveset is probably the best, as no Pokemon resist all of them.

    Rapid Spin is also an option in your set, if the utility is important.
  16. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    Well at 51%+ HP, its OU. When its HP drops it becomes NU. An initial stat distribution like that should never see UU or lower. I agree that testing is needed to show how successful it is at getting into the battle and doing damage.
  17. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I'm opposed to having a BL without any sort of battling. If it's not good enough (well, used enough) for OU, it should be UU if it's not too strong for the tier (can't know this before testing).

    But as we are without means of testing atm, I agree it looks quite BL.
  18. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    Anyone oppose the Tier placement?
  19. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    Thanks for the information guys. The Flying Gem has been added to the set. Keep the ideas coming!
  20. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Final Battle
    Yep, Flying Gem + Acrobatics ftw
    Updated 07-16-2011 at 09:06 AM by Sorgatani
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